Delivering customized high end refractory coatings to the foundry industry since 1977

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What We Do

Our focus is 100% on refractory coatings for foundry.
We guarantee the excellence for every delivered solution. Total focus together with unique passion allow us to tailor any product adapting it to the customer needs.

Corefon refractory coatings are mainly used for cast iron, steel and aluminum alloys on sand cores, sand molds and polystyrene molds (lost foam).

Quality over time is achieved thanks to rigid processes control, raw materials strict selection, quality management system continuous improvement.

Thanks to its continuous research for excellence Corefon is worldwide recognized among the main automotive foundries.

Our Products

Automotive castings

Refractory coatings for automotive castings such as disc brakes, cylinder blocks, cylinder heads, differential cases, etc… Can be used on cold box, hot box, pre-coated sand, no bake molds

Medium small iron and non ferrous castings

Refractory coatings for medium small castings such as hydraulic bodies, bronze valves, aluminum special applications, etc… Both water and solvent base available

Big iron castings

Coatings for cores and molds for big iron castings to be used by flow, spray, dipping and brush. Both water and solvent based available

Steel castings

Coatings for cores and molds for steel castings to be used by flow, spray, dipping and brush. Both water and solvent based available

Lost foam process

Specific coatings for steel, iron and aluminum lost foam castings, from small aluminum turbo shells up to big special steel nautical castings

Special products

Repairing compounds for cores and molds, chilling coatings, special application coatings such as centrifugal castings

Why choose us?

Over 40 years experience

Founded in 1977 Corefon provides its solutions to the world leading foundries across the globe

Competitive solutions

Each solution identified from Corefon allows to improve efficiency and productivity

Fully customized products

As a tailor with clothes we do with our products, they can be fully adapted according to specific customer needs

Our VIdeos

Dynamic KPIs